Home Fashions Team - Sharon, Angie, and Christie Interior design is an intoxicating process! We will take a house lacking definition, or stylistic direction, and transform it into a place all your own. Home Fashions knows that a home which reflects your aesthetic enriches your life, spawns creativity and brings comfort.

Sharon Porter founded Home Fashions in 1992 and has been the firm's creative and driving force ever since. Whether she's designing homes for A-list clients, corporate suites of CEOs, luxury lofts for leaders of technology, or designing custom furniture and one-of-a-kind window treatments to fill those environments, Sharon's designs always contain a sense of history and adventure. In achieving spaces that unfold in livable luxury, warmth and beauty, Sharon uses a mix of natural elements, rich textural surfaces, and evocative furnishings.

Our Team

Sharon Porter, Owner of Home FashionsSharon Porter

Home Fashions is a privately owned family business that was founded with the belief that high quality custom drapery can be made quickly and priced fairly by utilizing today's latest technology.

Since 1992, Home Fashions, Inc. has served Boise and surrounding areas by providing exceptional customer service and the finest custom window treatments, pillows, and bedding. As a family-owned and operated company, we have built or business and good reputation the old fashioned way... by taking pride in our work, delivering on time and seeking our clients' best interest at all times.

Established by Sharon Porter in 1980, Home Fashions specializes in creating beautiful, detail-oriented custom upholstery. Sharon was joined by her husband Ben, who brought a toolbox of high quality technical skills and creativity, allowing him to effectively translate the vision of Boise's best interior designers into reality. Ben and Sharon's four children joined the company over the years bringing a new dimension of business expertise and a fresh perspective to the family business.

Christie Doucette
Operations Manager

Christie is a specialized craftsman who began her twenty-seven year career in Boise, Idaho. Her design philosophy is creating sophisticated, well-edited, artistic interiors regardless of style. She is respected by colleagues for her collaborative approach and revered by her clients for her personal, solution-oriented resolve.

What sets Christie apart from other designers is her ability help the client achieve their own personal style for their home. So many people say, "I know what I like, I just don't know how to get there". Christie helps you get there so you can enjoy your personalized home.

Angie Ball
Studio Manager

With a gift for sewing, an eye for color and fabric, and a mathematical mind, it's no surprise that Angie Ball runs a successful drapery workroom! An Idaho native and self-taught, she loves working with creative designers and decorators, and applying her "puzzle-oriented" brain to devise beautiful solutions in drapery.

Angie's professional philosophy is, "Quality and perfection above all else". She relishes taking on the challenge of new and unique designs in draperies, fabricating them from scratch, and sharing the joy with everyone involved in the drapery project.

Angie's lifelong love of creative art inspired her to have career in window coverings while incorporating her passion for design at Home Fashions.