About Us

Interior or exterior, modern or vintage, Home Fashions aesthetic is consistently beautiful and enduring. Our talent for interpreting and creating virtually any style is a rare ability in the world of interior design, particularly when the concept of branding a single interior design aesthetic is still in high demand. While trends in interior design evolve or disappear, timeless design never goes out of style and, likewise, the Home Fashions "brand" of interior design is one that will remain a constant and will always be of interest to both the new clientele and existing clients.

Home Fashions is a full service interior design firm, with 23 years experience, that specializes in creating compelling, practical and original interior design for informed clients who care deeply about the spaces where they live, work, learn and play. With aim to evoke emotion, we believe that whatever mood is craved by the client can be acquired through superb design. We understand with every project comes a push and pull between function and aesthetic, practicality and beauty, and, most importantly, budget.